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Making the correct technology choices

Most company boards have external legal and financial advisors, yet have no equivalent when it comes to critical technical questions. The point where technology is a mere enabler is long past, and boards are increasingly faced with complex decisions on technology direction. Whether it is making the most of AI, blockchain or moving to the cloud, Concept Gap provides the independent, expert advice you need. Let us connect your business to its technological future.

Tech Go To Market

Telling your product story

Corporate technologists are deeply reluctant to move away from what they know. It's about trust - the old adage of never being fired for buying familiar technology from a familiar vendor. This is the concept gap - businesses have the need and you have the technology that meets that need, but you can't seem to connect. That's where we can help, bridging the gap with a strong narrative linking the two. Let us build your product story to link needs with capabilities and drive adoption and revenue.

Our Principal

Richard M Marshall, PhD

Richard M Marshall has over 30 years of experience in software innovation. Before founding Concept Gap, Richard was a Gartner analyst covering mobile app design and development, where he championed the emergence of key enterprise mobile app technologies. As an entrepreneur, Richard recognised the importance of the mobile app in 2004 and created a company, Rapid Mobile, that delivered cross-device, highly-usable apps long before they became mainstream.  Richard's career has encompassed everything from coding to corporate governance, and he has worked in all phases of product development from initial concept through implementation and on to sales, product management and marketing. Communication has always been the common element: storytelling is a key factor in driving the adoption of new technology. He has lectured, written papers, articles and reports for many years. Richard holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh. He also writes fiction: Amazon author page.

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